Monday, January 14, 2013

It's All The Rage: Spring 2013 Trend Predictions

It's almost springtime so I decided to showcase a few trends that I think we'll be seeing a lot of this season.
Disclaimer: Trends are all fine and dandy but please, please, please put your own spin on them! Fashion is about showing your personality. It's okay to try out a trend but don't go overboard in an entirely over-trendy look. In my opinion showcasing your own style is fashion-forward not dressing in total trend. 

1. Art Deco Jewelry
I've been seeing graphic statement jewelry everywhere. I especially love this gold cutout necklace.

2. Button-up Blouses
Button-up blouses have been popular for awhile now and I think they will continue to be during the spring months especially in bright and pastel colors. 

3. Black & White
I think black and white is going to be a HUGE trend this spring along with B&W bold graphic prints.

4. Round Lens Sunglasses
In my opinion, round lenses and over sized frames are going to make up the season's most coveted style when it comes to sunglasses.

5. Tailored Shorts
With warmer weather season on its way its time again for shorts. Unlike last year's distressed, ombre dyed, and studded cut-offs I think this spring's shorts will be more tailored and toned down. 

6. Studs
Studded bags, shoes, and sweaters have been one of the hottest trends this fall and winter. I think that studded clothing and accessories will continue to be popular in the upcoming months. 

7. Statement Shoes
When it come to shoes this spring think the more unique the better. Chunky heels, bright colors, and fun designs will be all the rage

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  1. Oh I'm looking forward to spring!
    Lovely blog.
    x Hannah

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