Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Legally Blonde Party

For my 15th birthday I decided to have a Legally Blonde themed party, mainly because I am obsessed with the movie (and have been for years) and partly because it gave me an excuse to dress like a Barbie for an entire day. 

Guests received a fabulous jeweled collar from H&M, pink Hersey kisses, Sally Hanson nail polish,  Rimmel lip gloss, elf liquid eyeliner, a nail file, a heart-shaped charm bracelet, a jeweled mirror, and of course a pair of hot pink bunny ears just like the ones Elle wears in the movie. Mine of coarse had a pink tiara glue-gunned to them. 

Decorations included pink feather boas, Harvard Law School posters, photos from the movie, a stuffed chihuahua, and a  pink Harvard t-shirt.

We played a game where we guessed how many diamonds were in this jar. The winner got a pink crystal jewelry set.

I loved these white paper decorations.

Guests munched on pizza and drank pink lemonade. For dessert there were marble cupcakes with hot pink frosting, pink cotton candy, cookies, and brownies. 

Of course there had to be a snap cup!

The girls used pink feathery pens to write their "warm-fuzzies" about other party-goers in the snap cup.

This was from earlier in the week.
Always be yourself, unless you can be Elle Woods. Then, always be Elle Woods.
Since about two weeks ago I've been watching Legally Blonde, both 1 & 2, nonstop. I can now confidently quote this movie just as well as I can quote Mean Girls. I remember when I was younger I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer and go to Harvard after watching this movie. A part of me still wants to be the real life Elle Woods but I think I have a better place in fashion. 

Happy Birthday to any of my fashionistas who celebrated in March. Best wishes.


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  1. this is all SUPER cute
    where did you get the stuffed chihuahua?

  2. thanks! super lovely
    Hope the party was fun; it really looks like it was and I'm glad I'm not the only one that still has a soft spot for Elle Woods/Legally Blonde 1 and 2

    1. Haha I'll always love Legally Blonde. It's my favorite movie!
      Thanks for checking out my blog.

  3. Love this! I have always loved Legally Blonde, even when my friend and family looking at me like saying grow up.

    1. It's a classic! Thanks for checking out my blog!