Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spirit Week

So... this is sort of a random post but I totally forgot to share some pictures from my school's last spirit week. Before a big game (or in this case because of a snow day, before February vacation) we have a pep rally. The week leading up to the pep rally in called "Spirit Week". There are a bunch of fun theme days and last spirit week was my favorite (so far)!

On Disney Day I rocked a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, a flowy red blouse with a big bow, a long pearl necklace, my favorite faux leather jacket, and glossy red lips.
On Time Warp Day I dressed in a 1950's theme. I tied my hair up with a bandanna and did Marilyn  Monroe inspired cat-eyes and red lips. As for my outfit I wore a white collared shirt tucked into a black pencil skirt and layered my denim jacket over that. 


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