Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Must Have of the Week: Gold iPod Shuffle

This week's must have isn't a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. Nope! It's this little guy. 

About a week ago, after days of contemplating, I made the decision to purchase a gold iPod shuffle from the Apple store for $49, an item that many probably haven't given a thought for years, since purchasing their multi-functional phones. 

With a smart phone that can hold thousands of songs, why would someone need this itsy-bitsy music player? Let me tell you. 

Soon, I will be traveling with my school to Europe and I wanted a device other than my phone to play music on, as not to exhaust my phone's battery. At the same time, I didn't want to spend the amount of money that it would cost to buy a brand new phone on something I might not use everyday. To me, that just wasn't logical. 

After I made the decision that I was in the market for a new music playing device, I came to the conclusion that I would prefer it to be small, making it perfect for packing in my carry-on. These few factors led me to the iPod Shuffle.

Style wise, I chose the gold because I found it to be the most chic option. Engraving on the back was free so I chose to have "Carpe Diem MMXVI" imprinted as a way of memorializing my upcoming trip. 

All in all, the iPod shuffle might not be for everyone, but for the purpose of travel I think it will be great. I have only had it for a few days now and I'm already in love. Its functions are fairly basic but for a long flight it will be perfect for me. 

*This is NOT a sponsored post*