Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Must Have of the Week: Forever 21 Necklace

During the Summer I usually don't wear a lot of jewelry. My everyday heart pendant, some simple stud earrings, and the rings I wear all the time is enough for me when the weather is warm. Because of this, I buy way less jewelry during the Summer than any other season. The other day while strolling around Forever 21 I spotted this unique necklace and really liked it. Although it was inexpensive at only $4.80, I chose to pass that day but when I saw it for a second time at another Forever 21 (and liked it just as much) I chose to buy it. Turns out, I actually love this necklace for Summer. It has plenty of sparkle but it is still light enough for hot weather. I love it!

Pick up one of these necklaces for yourself here


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