Monday, January 27, 2014

Music Meets Fashion: How the Industries are Influencing Each Other

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I'm a huge music and fashion fan. So it's safe to say that I love the Grammys. I love seeing my favorite artists perform live but most importantly I love seeing what they're wearing.

It seems to me that the music industry, especially in the past few years, has really been influencing the fashion industry. It's no surprise to see a boy-band heartthrob or a chart topping popstar exquisitely dressed sitting front row at some of the most well known designer's shows at fashion week. Nor is it surprising to see them designing their own line for that matter. It has become more and more common to find out that a famous musician has become a high fashion muse - for example Lady Gaga and Versace or Miley Cyrus and Marc Jacobs.

Many of these musician muses have been featured in ad campaigns in the place of super models. Why? In my opinion I think it has to do with how much the singers and musicians have been influencing this generation.

Personally, I don't have any problem seeing Cyrus or Gaga in an ad campaign. I think their own personal styles really fit nicely with the design houses they are the face of and honestly I enjoy seeing them wear that designer. Gaga in Versace is just perfection.

I just find it interesting how much music really does influence our clothing choices. We might find some of these famous popstars' styles to be a little bit over the top but I think we seem to emulate them unknowingly.

For instance think of all the hairstyles celebs like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Cyrus, and Gaga have had. At first we think they're really out there but just look at how huge the bright and pastel colored hair trend has grown since Perry's bright blue "California Gurls" hair made its debut. After a while these seemingly crazy trends find their way into our own wardrobes.

The relationship between music and fashion also works the other way around. Gaga has a song called "Donatella" and Tom Ford's name has been dropped a good amount of times by other artists. These popular musicians are shining light on the fashion industry and bringing attention to some incredible fashion powerhouses.

Yes, these musicians' senses of style may be a bit out of the ordinary, but you know what? I applaud them for it. At times maybe their fashion choices may be used to create headlines and publicity for their latest endeavor but that's not always the case. 

I think sometimes we don't think about the fact that is takes guts to walk down the red carpet in these eccentric get ups. Think about it. Would you personally walk out of the house in a dress made out of meat without questioning your outfit? No, you'd probably second guess yourself. 

So cheers to the musicians who are confident enough to rock lights, neon hair, crazy platform heels, funky glasses, and any other fashion risks. 

We have to give thanks to these people because we wouldn't have anything to talk about or look at without them. You can only comment on so many ball gowns and little black dresses. 

So go ahead and live vicariously through Gaga's wigs and Katy's glittery get ups and let's say thank you to our unique musical fashion daredevils. 


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