Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Bethany Mota Spring Collection to Make Its Debut

Bethany Mota, you may know her as Macbarbie07, is only eighteen-years-old but she's living out every teenage girl's dream (well, at least mine). She's the designer of her very own fashion collection in partnership with the huge American retailer, Aéropostale.

It all started when she was thirteen-years-old and made her very first YouTube video as an outlet to escape bullying. Since Mota’s beginning in YouTube’s famous beauty community a lot has changed.

Flash forward to now. Mota has over 4 million YouTube subscribers, more than 1 million Twitter followers, and over 2 million Instagram followers. She’s a social media celebrity.

Not everyone knows who Mota, the beauty and fashion guru, is but huge companies have taken notice of her and her videos. On December 8, 2013 Aéropostale launched its brand new Bethany Mota Collection. This collection was designed by Mota along with Aéropostale’s design team.

The line was inspired by Mota’s own personal Californian style (think beanies, graphic tees, and crop tops) and her many fans who all seem to love the new clothes. 

Like other celebs Mota has a nickname for her beloved viewers and fans, Motavators. Many of these fans have been wearing their MOTAVATOR t-shirts in support of their favorite YouTube sensation and her new endeavor.

The launch of Mota’s first collection for Aéropostale was so successful that her Spring Collection will be making its debut shortly. There is an option on Aéropostale’s website where fans can unlock outfits from the Spring lookbook before they are released by tweeting the hashtag #MOREMOTA. The first look is already 97% unlocked (according to my last refresh) and will most likely be open for viewing by the end of the day.

Judging by Mota’s winter pieces, the Spring Collection will most likely include floral patterns, skater skirts, feminine details, animal motifs, and graphic tees. Overall buyers can expect fun, wearable, and most of all affordable fashion from this YouTube fashion and beauty superstar.

Here are some of my favorite picks from The Bethany Mota Winter Collection.

Check out The Bethany Mota Collection and find out how to unlock more Spring looks here.


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