Saturday, February 27, 2016

Must Have of the Week: Madewell Denim Popover Shirt

It's safe to say I have Spring Fever. Here in Massachusetts we've been experiencing some unseasonably warm weather and it has made me all the more excited for the upcoming change of seasons.

This week's Must Have is a denim popover shirt from my new favorite shop, Madewell.

I first fell in love with the top online while I was checking out their sale items. Originally $78, now $49.99, this top is perfect for spring.

First off, the light wash denim looks crisp and light. Unlike darker denims, which can sometimes read more edgy, the top's color is perfect for a classic meets modern look.

Second, the cut of the top is great. Different than the other denim button-up shirts I own, the popover style of this shirt feels chic and breezy - ideal for springtime.

Love this top as much as I do? You can purchase one here!

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Monday, February 22, 2016

Fashion Gone Minimal: What Happened to Over the Top Fashion à la Gaga, Minaj, and Perry?

Lady Gaga performs in a faux-meat replica of her infamous 2012 red carpet stunner.

Remember that time Lady Gaga wore an ensemble made entirely of raw meat to the 2012 Video Music Awards?

Me too.