Thursday, May 25, 2017

Get Packing: 10 Pieces, 20 Looks

Vacation season is upon us - time to get packing

I'm pretty sure it's a universal truth - everyone loves vacation and everyone hates packing.

Gathering up all your stuff for a getaway is no easy feat. You want to bring everything (because hello, options!!) but unfortunately not only is such a task impossible it can also be expensive. If you're traveling via airplane, you could easily rack up unnecessary charges if your suitcase is over weight and if you're traveling via car a giant bag can take up valuable storage room for other essentials. 

In order to troubleshoot, your best bet is to pack light. If you're anything like me you're probably shuddering at such a suggestion but, believe it or not, your basics can take on a whole new life with a little creativity.

Don't believe me? Illustrated below are 20 outfits (!!) made out of only 10 items (!!!). Maybe 20 outfits and 10 pieces is a little extreme for you average vacation but below I hope you will find some inspiration for taking your favorite pieces the extra mile. 

Here are the 10 items I chose for my experiment:

For more about these items click here.

The 20 looks above range from beach day to night out and adventure ready to brunch ready. A simple black bathing suit can be re-purposed as a sleek body suit and a vibrant flouncy dress can be twice as valuable by being made into a skirt. Layering is also key! A different jacket can make the same top and pant combo look entirely different. So can a few accessories. Don't be afraid to knot t-shirts at the waist, wrap jackets around your hips, or layer over/tuck in a top! Such little details can make huge differences! Also, for the purpose of this illustration I chose to stick with a majority of neutral colors and fabrics (black, green, denim, navy, brown) with a pop of red/orange. The dress, stripes in the blouse, and beads on the sandals all feature the same accent color, making mixing and matching a breeze!

Overall, packing can be much easier when you think outside of the box! I hope that you have found some inspiration for your next getaway. 
Safe travels.

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