Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Must Have of the Week: Checkerboard Vans

Think these iconic checkerboard slip-ons can't be a fashionable footwear staple? Think again. 
Everyone loves a comfy shoe, but unfortunately your favorite gym sneakers aren't always the most appropriate choice when it comes to class or work. 

What could possibly replace your beloved running sneaks? These extremely easy-going slip-ons from Vans.

These famous canvas shoes have been a staple with skaters and rockers for decades. Now they're becoming a go-to for fashion forward college students too. Don't think such a bold, statement shoe could work wonders in your wardrobe? Here's some proof. 

I don't know about you, but when shopping for new pieces, I constantly find myself saying, "Ugh. If only it came in black!" Having a wardrobe filled with neutrals galore can make putting outfits together a cinch but sometimes it can leave your looks a little drab.

Believe it or not these bold sneakers go with more than you could imagine and can bring interest to even the most monochromatic looks. Because the pattern consists of only two colors: black and white, these shoes mix and match well with all colors and even some patterns too - making getting ready in the morning a breeze. I love slipping them on with a pair of black skinny jeans, a white v-neck tee, and my fave denim jacket. They're a two second fix that'll spice up any look.

What's better? They're extremely comfy. Like extremely comfy. 

Obsessed like me? Grab a pair right here

Need some inspo? Look no further:

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