Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Find Your Signature Piece of Jewelry

Everyone should have that one piece of jewelry that says who they are. Having trouble finding your signature piece? No worries, I scoured through my jewelry collection and created a guide to help find great personal jewelry for everyone. 


Jewelry pieces with a nautical theme, such as anchors, will add a preppy touch to any look. 
Pearls are always a must-have for this style, a longer strand is more modern. 

Anchor necklace (similar) - Forever21
Pearl necklace (similar) - Forever21


Adding some jewelry with bows, roses, and heart details is a great way to make your look a bit more girlie and cutesy. 

Striped bow ring (similar) - Forever21
Bow ring (similar) - Forever21
Heart Bracelet - LC Lauren Conrad
Heart/Key Necklace - Forever21 
(For a similar look layer a rose necklace, key necklace, and  heart necklace.) 

A Vintage Vibe:

Pearl details, antique looking chains, and ornate details all make for a vintage look.

Ring (similar) - LC Lauren Conrad
Eiffel Tower Necklace (similar) - Forever21
Camera Necklace - LC Lauren Conrad


For a boho touch search for pieces with large gems and stones, earthy metals, beading, intricate details, and mismatched metals.

1st Ring (similar) - Forever21
2nd Ring (similar) - Forever21
Necklace (similar)- Charlotte Russe 

Glam & Edgy:

Look for dark metals, large gems, and interesting details for an edgy, glam look.

Necklace (similar) - Kohl's 
Bracelet (similar) - H&M
Ring (similar) - H&M

Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that means something to you?
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- BL

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