Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gift Guide: The Fashionista

Having a friend with awesome fashion taste can be both a blessing and a burden. Although they'll always answer your burning style questions and are always up to date with the latest news from the runway they can also be extremely hard to shop for. It seems like they have everything. In this post I have put together 8 gifts that any fashion-forward friend would want and that are totally chic and on trend.

1.) Style by Lauren Conrad - I've wanted this book ever since it came out.  Fashion reference books are great for any fashionista.

2.) Ties - This may seem a little odd but recently I have had a minor obsession with ties, bow-ties, and menswear. I think that a nice tie is a great gift for any fan of fashion, male or female. Ties can make a button up shirt look a bit more preppy or edgy depending on how you style it. You can find the one featured here.

3.) Heart Bag - I love this colorful and fun bag. It's chain strap and quilted fabric makes it super chic. The bold pink color would add a splash on the dreary winter days ahead. The heart shape makes it the perfect gift for the quirky trend-setter.

4.) Knee-high Boots - Black knee-high boots are always in style if you ask me. I especially love these boots because of their wedge heel. Wedges are my favorites and I would rather wear a pair of them than a pair of heels any day. They are easier to walk in but still give you nice height.

5.) Rhinestone Collar Necklace - This necklace is gorgeous. It would be the perfect accessory to any simple outfit casual or dressy. I love it. It's also perfect for a holiday gift because it is festive and could be worn all throughout the season.

6.) Celebrity Pink Skinny Jeans - Celebrity Pink is my go-to brand for jeans. Their skinny jeans have wonderful stretch, trendy color choices, and a great range of sizes. They are the perfect present for anyone.

7.) Statement Necklace - Fashionistas always love a good statement necklace like this one from forever21.

8.) Pink Body Lotion - I love this lotion. It smells amazing and is really hydrating. A great Christmas gift for any fashionable friend.

The collage used in this post was made using www.polyvore.com. You can check it out right here.
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  1. oh that heart shaped bag is sooo cute! really lovin it!