Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's Inside My Purse

While rummaging through my giant purse the other day I noticed how much of my life is in it. If someone ever went through it they would learn almost every single thing about me. After thinking this I thought it would be cool to make a blog post about what's in my bag. it is!

My favorite handbag designers are Betsey Johnson & Steve Madden. Betsey Johnson makes fun, flirty, and wild bags that add a bit of spunk to any outfit whereas Steve Madden makes practical bags with a bit of edge. Both styles I totally love. Here's what I fill them with:

 1.) A Makeup Bag- Mine is white with pink & navy blue polka dots. I fill it with all the essentials needed for touching up my makeup during the day.

2.) Makeup- I don't carry all of my everyday makeup, only the basics. Pressed powder & Lip gloss are musts especially if you are going out with friends after school.

3.) Sunglasses & Case- I briefly talked about my love for aviator sunglasses in another post. I carry a pair in a neon pink case so that they don't get scratched or bent in my bag.

4.) Hand Sanitizer- This is a must. My favorite one is by Bath & Body Works in Sweet Pea. It's really important to clean your hands before you eat lunch.

5.) My iPod & Headphones- I love music and always have my iPod on me. Headphones are much better for your ears than earbuds (especially if you like your music loud like me).

6.) Gum & Mints- This one is self explanatory

7.) Pens, Sharpies, and Pencils- I am constantly jotting down notes

I also have some other random things in my bag like 3D glasses, photobooth strips, my Student Government lanyard, a back up battery for my iPod, my iPod car charger, a Pinkberry card, a Mood fabric store Rewards Card, my ID, a Famous Footwear Rewards Card, & a Starbucks Giftcard.

Handbags are something that we carry around with us everyday, of course they are going to be filled with items that are important to us! They go with us everywhere and carry all of the days essentials. I don't know about you but if I ever was without mine I'd be totally lost.

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