Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Picture Day Do's & Don'ts & Taylor Swift Inspired Makeup

Picture day is a very important day in school. Well, at least it is for me. I like to make sure that my outfit is perfect, memorable, but most importantly classic. Have you ever looked at an old yearbook and think "What were they wearing? Look at their hair!"? That's what I always think of when I'm choosing my outfit for picture day. Here are my best tips for looking picture perfect in your yearbook or class picture this year.

1.) Keep your look timeless & classic. Don't wear anything too trendy. The trendier you look now the more outdated you'll look in 30 years when your kids are flipping through your yearbook.

2.) Don't wear shirts that have graphics or writing on them. For some reason at my school when kids would wear Abercrombie t-shirts on picture day the writing would always come out backwards in the photo. This is also the same with graphics. So be careful of this when your choosing your top.

3.) Skip wearing long pendants. Pick a shorter necklace instead. Remember, if this is your school picture you'll only be shown from a bit below your chest up. If you wear a long necklace it's only going to be cut out of the picture.

4.) Wear tops with detail on the neck/collar. This will add a bit of interest to your photograph. You don't want to look generic. Ever.

5.) Don't over accessorize. Keep it simple.

Not only do you want to be careful in choosing your outfit you also want to be thoughtful when it comes to doing your makeup. All-over your lid blue eyeshadow, red lips, and raccoon eyes are not becoming looks. Keep it natural. Keep reading for an easy picture day makeup look how-to and the do's and don'ts of picture day makeup.

Taylor Swift's makeup is always gorgeous and it's perfect for pictures!

How to get one of her famous looks:
What you'll need:
-Your favorite foundation
-Foundation brush (Don't have any makeup brushes? Find some inexpensive & great quality ones here: http://www.eyeslipsface.com/makeup/tools/single-brushes)
- Concealer
- Green concealer
- Matte pressed powder
- Powder brush
- Eyelid primer
- Champagne shimmery eyeshadow
- Flat eyeshadow brush
- Shimmery medium brown eyeshadow
- Shimmery plum eyeshadow
- Fluffy crease brush
- Black liquid eyeliner
- Black volumizing mascara
- Bronzer

1.) Start by applying your favorite foundation to your face. Make sure that it has a very low amount of SPF or none at all. For some reason foundation with SPF in it can make you look shiny in photos.

2.) Dab a bit of regular concealer under your eyes. Blend in with your ring finger. If you have any large breakouts on your face try using a green concealer. (Green reduces redness) NYX makes a great one. Just dab a very small amount of this concealer onto any blemishes.

3.) Set your foundation and concealer with a matte pressed powder. Matte powders are perfect for taking pictures. They erase shine and oil.
4.) Prep your eyelids with a primer. Then, using a flat eyeshadow brush apply a shimmery champagne colored eyeshadow to your lid up to the crease. Next, using a fluffy crease brush apply a shimmery medium brown shade to your crease. After that, using the same brush apply a shimmery deep plum eyeshadow to the outside half of your crease (right over the brown shadow) and smudge a bit onto your bottom lashline, just like Taylor.

5.) Apply black liquid eyeliner in a thin line on your lid as close to your lashes as you can get. You can even wing it out if you'd like for a flirty look. But refrain from making Amy Winehouse cateyes, please.

6.) Brush on two-four coats of black volumizing mascara to your upper lashes only.

7.) Sweep on a bit of bronzer with a powder brush. It is easy to look very washed out in photos, the bronzer will help.

7.) Finish off by applying light pinky/coral lipstick and top that off with a pink gloss.

DO: Wear shimmery pink lipgloss
DON'T: Try out red lipstick for the first time on picture day
DO: Wear shimmery eyeshadow in neutral browns and beiges
DON'T: Wear tons and tons of blue eyeshadow
DO: Accentuate your cheekbones with a tiny bit of bronzer
DON'T: Look like a carrot. All over orange = not a cute look
DO: Wear something classic & chic
DON'T: Wear something tacky or too revealing

Whatever you do or don't do make sure to be yourself and remember to smile, darling. You're beautiful.

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