Monday, September 24, 2012

Celebrity Homecoming Inspiration

It's that time of year again. Brisk weather, Halloween, football games, and homecoming of course! If you plan on attending a homecoming dance this season don't leave finding the perfect dress to the last minute! With all your back to school events and plans this dance will spring up on you fast. No worries my loves, it's time to take some inspiration from the stars.

Edgy- If you have an edgy way of dressing like myself a great celebrity to look to for fashion inspiration is Emma Watson. This former Harry Potter star always seems to get it right and land herself on the best dressed list. She has an effortless vibe to her and seems to always dress for fashion. Emma's look is great for homecoming because it's dressy and also very unique. I highly doubt that anyone else will be wearing the same dre as you if you take inspiration for her.

Girlie- For those of you who like a girlie look Selena Gomez serves as a great inspiration. Selena Gomez always manages to look girly, young, and fresh at the same time. You'll rarely see her on the worst dressed list. What I love most about this young fashionista is her fearlessness when it comes to fashion risks. She's not afraid to wear a daring dress and when she does she usually looks fabulous.

No matter what style look you choose to wear to homecoming this year make sure to keep your look classy. If your skirt is on the shorter side make sure your top is more conservative and vice versa. Stay true to yourself and do not over accessorize. A few sparkly touches, a great pair of reasonable heels, and a sensible clutch are all you need. Most of all make sure that you are able to dance in your outfit and most of all have fun!

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