Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Recent Obsession: Pink for Covergirl

Covergirl has always been one of my favorite makeup brands. The prices are great and the quality is even better. Their foundation never breaks me out and their lipsticks always add a stylish pop of color to my everyday makeup look. When Taylor Swift first became a Covergirl I was very excited. I thought it was awesome how the famous makeup brand had chosen a young popular starlet to be the face of their new line, Nature Luxe. But then, when I found out that the super talented Pink was going to be a Covergirl I could not wait to see the ads in my magazines! Now they are out and I have fallen in love with the makeup look she is wearing and cannot wait to try it out. I am happy to see that the edgy songstress is going to represent the brand. The new photos are edgy, modern, and girly at the same time. I hope that this brand continues to keep their Covergirls as cool and down to earth as Pink. Nice choice Covergirl! Rock it out Pink! 

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