Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BOO-tiful Celebrity Inspired Halloween Costumes

It's one of my favorite months of the year, October! The reason why I love October so much is because Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday ever. I love the spooky decorations, horror movies, and most of all the fun costumes! Whether you go trick-or-treating with your friends, attend Halloween parties, or are going to an event at school that you need a costume for, the following celebrity looks should provide you with some inspiration for Halloween.

Poison Ivy- I absolutely love Kim Kardashian's Poison Ivy costume. The reason I love it its because it's creative and super fun! You could very easily DIY your own Poison Ivy costume. All you'd need is a masquerade mask, a green dress (you could probably find one at a thrift store), fake plants/ leaves, and a glue gun! Just hot glue the leaves to the dress and mask and accessorize with gold jewelry and a red wig. So cute!

Cleopatra- Cleopatra is a Halloween classic. Not only is it super glam it is also very easy to recreate. All you really need is a white drapey dress. You could even make one out of cheap cotton fabric or a sheet! Then just apply some shimmery gold eyeshadow and wing out your liner. Pile on gold jewelry, a sparkly headband, and a belt and you're good to go!

Batman / Peacock- I love Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greenes' costumes. I especially love Kellan's. Here's a perfect costume for the boys. All you need is a black t-shirt with the batman logo on it, black jeans, the batman mask, and a cape. All of these things are very easy to find or make yourself. Ashley's costume is a bit more intricate but not impossible to recreate. Just find a black corset, a black tutu, and some peacock feathers. Then you could just hot glue the feathers onto the corset. So chic.

Minnie Mouse- Here's a picture of Lauren Conrad rocking a super cute Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. The awesome thing about this costume is that you can probably find all of the pieces in your wardrobe. All you really need is a polka dot dress or separates, white ankle socks, and black heels. Most importantly don't forget the mouse ears! You can probably find a pair of those at any costume shop.

Halloween costumes can be a bit pricey but with a bit of creativity you can create a unique costume that all your friends will be jealous of. Most of all have a fun and safe Halloween, boo-tiful!  

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  1. Those who wish to appear as elegant as possible during Halloween could appear as Cleopatra. I mean, classic ones such as these would definitely be more pleasing rather than the skimpy outfits that are too cliche at the moment.