Saturday, November 10, 2012

Practical and Fashionable: Warm Weather Wear

Whether you're ready to admit it or not the winter is drawing near. Where I live the weather is already getting very chilly. The temperatures have been ranging on the lower side and the air is very crisp. If you're like me and attend lots of outdoor events during this weather like football games, you understand that the nights can get pretty cold this time of year. Although, giant coats, and vests are very warm they're not always the most stylish. In this post you will find some great warm weather wear that is not only practical but fashionable too.

The most important winter outerwear essential is a coat of course! Instead of the typical winter puff jacket try a more refined and totally stylish pea coat. Not only do these coats look great for the cold months of winter they are also very warm (especially a knee-length version). Coats are a big investment and can be a bit pricey so make sure that you get one that will never go out of style and that is good quality so that you can wear it year-after-year. My favorite pea coat is a black one with studs and chain detail but they also look fabulous in bright colors like red, teal, and fuchsia.
For some great coats check out stores like Kohl's.

An important winter accessory is the scarf. Scarves are great year-round but are perfect to add a bit of extra warmth to any outfit. Try a knit scarf in a bold hue to add a splash of color to any typical winter outfit. You can find scarves almost anywhere but H&M, forever21, and Charlotte Russe always have a great variety.
Charlotte Russe:

Finally the last important winter accessory is definitely a great pair of gloves. Gloves are so fun! You can mix and match colors and patterns or rock an awesome pair of leather ones. Gloves are so easy to find too. I thin that a great pair of electric blue gloves with a black pea coat is a gorgeous combo.

So quick tips that may or may not be a bit obvious for staying fashionably warm this winter are as follows:
- Wear a pair of thick tights under your jeans if you're like me and hate thermals
- Wear 2 pairs of socks instead of one
- Layer, layer, layer

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