Saturday, August 4, 2012

Back to School Essentials: Chic Shoes

Shoe shopping goes hand in hand with school shopping. You can't have a cute outfit without an adorable pair of shoes to top it off! Here are my favorite back to school shoe styles that when worn will insure that your tootsies look just as fab as you do!

1.) Ballet Flats - Flats are great for any occasion. You can dress them up or dress them down. An added bonus is that they are super comfy and easy to walk in. You're feet won't be killing by the end of the school day. The leopard print ones are ideal for adding a bit of edge to any boring outfit. The snakeskin ones would be great for adding a bit of personality to a classic or conservative look. Finally, the pink ones with the super cute bow detail would go perfectly with a girly sweater, pearls, and distressed jeans.

2.) Boots - Boots are a huge staple in my wardrobe. My favorites are a broken in pair of Simply Vera by Vera Wang boots that I got for $20 on clearance at Kohl's. It was SUCH a great deal. I also have a pair of studded black ankle booties that I got for $5 (also on clearance) at Forever21. Boots are great for any season but I love wearing them in the fall with skinny jeans, a flowy blouse, and a tailored blazer. I love the floral combat boots in the photo above you could totally rock 'em with any style. The black ones are more edgy while the brown ones are most classic.

3.) Wedges - I don't really think high heels are appropriate for school. I prefer a great pair of wedges. They are more comfortable and you are less likely to fall in them (take it from me, a self-proclaimed klutz). I wish I owned the black lace-up ones and the floral ones are so pretty. The hot pink ones at the top would look great with a monochromatic look for an awesome pop of color.

4.) Oxfords - These menswear inspired shoes are a great alternative to a sneaker. I do not own a pair but I am in the market for some cheetah print ones. This style of shoe adds an unexpected "cool-girl" vibe to a casual v-neck and jeans ensemble. I especially love the the black oxfords with the neon pink sole.

All-in-all go for what your comfortable with and like when it comes to shoes. If you think you'll feel like a fish out of water in 5 inch wedges or stilettos then don't wear them. If you feel uncomfortable in your shoes it will show and people will question your footwear choice just like you. On the other hand if you know you'll look great in  wedges or heels and are going to walk down the halls in confidence that will read too. Please reserve your Ugg boots for around the house only. Beware: If you plan to purchase a dangerously cute pair of shoes be prepared to be asked "Where did you get those?".

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  1. okay so the school I am going to has a uniform, and heels have to be 2 inches or under and no boots are allowed... are ankle boots counted in that? I know you're probably like "how am I supposed to know..." but I am just asking around, on other peoples' opinions...