Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Lookbook feat. Warby Parker

The official start of summer is right around the corner. You're most likely going to be spending more and more time outside enjoying the warm weather. With warm weather comes sun, and the sun's harsh rays can be very damaging if the the proper precautionary measures are not taken before stepping out into the nice weather. Wearing a pair of protective sunglasses is extremely important. If you're going to be wearing sunglasses nearly everyday you want them to be good looking, right? Check out the late spring/early summer looks I created below with some of Warby Parker's beautiful glasses.

Sunglasses, Raskin in Polished Gold, Warby Parker. Top, American Eagle. Necklace, LC Lauren Conrad. Watch, Charlotte Russe. Rings, Charlotte Russe. Jeans, Celebrity Pink. Boots, Charlotte Russe. 

Sunglasses, Raskin in Jet Silver, Warby Parker. Dress, Forever 21. Jacket, Levi's. 

Sunglasses, Boyd in Marbled Charcoal, Warby Parker. Tank, TJ Maxx. Jacket, Aeropostale. 

Sunglasses, Madison in Rum Cherry, Warby Parker. Top, Cali Trends. 

Sunglasses, Jasper in Marine Slate, Warby Parker. Jacket, Target. Tank, American Rag. Necklace, Forever 21. Jeans, Celebrity Pink. Watch, Aeropostale. 

From top to bottom:
 Raskin (Jet Silver), Boyd (Marbled Charcoal), Jasper (Marine Slate), Raskin (Polished Gold), & Madison (Rum Cherry)

I was introduced to a brand called Warby Parker a little while ago and when I looked at their website I was instantly intrigued.What I saw was a bunch of sunglasses in a range of different styles, there was something for everyone.

In order to find out what sunglasses were for me I used their wonderful home try on option to see what I liked most. Here are some notes on how my home try on process went.

Basically, the home try on process allows you choose five pairs of glasses that you are interested in for a hands on trial at your own home. After picking your favorite five pairs Warby Parker will send you your glasses for a time period of five days. During those five days you have the chance to give your borrowed glasses a whirl.

The only issue I came across was that one of the pairs I wanted to use in the home try on process was unavailable to me because all the home try on pairs were with other customers at the time. Clearly, people agreed with how much I loved them. With a little patience this problem can be avoided by waiting your turn. Due to the fact that I am not a patient person I just decided to pick a different pair in their place. I was too anxious to wait.

My home try on package was delivered in only three days, they came right on time. When I opened the box I was happy to see five beautiful pairs of very nice quality sunglasses.

My taste when it comes to sunglasses is usually pretty basic and simple. A good pair of aviators or wayfarers is usually what I go for but at the same time I thought the home try on would be an opportunity for me to branch out a little. Because of this I chose both some classic aviators (Raskin) and some more interesting picks as well (Jasper, Boyd, & Madison). Then I created five late spring/early summer looks.

Another great aspect of Warby Parker is that they give back. Warby Parker works with partners in order to provide those in need with glasses. After a pair of glasses is sold, Warby Parker either provides glasses or funding to a non-profit partner. For more information about this program click here. So, when you purchase from Warby Parker you are not only treating yourself to a great pair of glasses but you are also doing your part to better the world.

Overall, I would most definitely recommend Warby Parker to a friend.

For more information about any of the details mentioned click here to visit their website.


*Thank you to Warby Parker for introducing me to their brand & for giving me the opportunity to check out their glasses*

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