Monday, September 2, 2013

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Review

I recently purchased Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash and I just finished my first bottle. I know many people struggle with finding skincare products that work for them so I figured I would share my opinion of this product.

6 fl oz 

When I first started using this product I did exactly what the directions said. I used the cleanser twice a day. I continued this routine for I'd say about three days. Soon my face started to get really dry. I had to start applying a moisturizer a few times during the day. I stopped using the product completely for about 2/3 days until my face was no longer dry. Then I went back to using it but only once a day at night. This new routine never made my face dry out like before. Using it twice a day was just too harsh for my sensitive skin.

Since using this product for about two months I've noticed some changes for the better in my skin. Breakouts are less often and my skin looks healthier. I've never had severe acne, just a few breakouts here and there randomly or when I'm stressed. This product makes my face feel very clean and reduces breakouts and blemishes when they happen. Immediately after using the cleanser my skin feels a bit tight but not super dry like when I was using it twice a day. I assume this tightness is due to the fact that cleanser foams.
I think this product would work best for those with small breakouts here and there.

The good
- This product has helped reduce my occasional blemishes.
- Since using breakouts have become less frequent.
- Never leaves my skin feeling oily.
- This product is a nice mild cleanser.

The bad
- The bottle said that it was also good for blackheads. I didn't notice that it did a very good job with this even though I carefully applied it to areas where I had this problem.
- I noticed a tad bit of tightness in my skin after using, but it's nothing major.
- Using it twice a day everyday is too much for my sensitive skin and causes dryness. Once a day is just fine.

- I would recommend this product.
- I would repurchase this product.
- Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash is a nice mild facial cleanser that reduces my occasional breakouts and helps prevent them.

- BL

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