Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to School Essentials: Trendy Denim

Jeans are always a huge back-to-school must have, but this year the stores are carrying a bit more than the usual  blue hue. Turn your back-to-school wardrobe up a notch or two with some seriously awesome denim trends. Here are some of the jean styles I'll be rocking in the halls this year:

Printed: From cheetah to snakeskin to floral, a pair of printed jeans can easily up the edginess of your outfit. Keep the rest of your look classic (basic t-shirts, simple blouses, and flats) and you'll look awesome.

Distressed (ripped-up): The ripped jeans look is still going strong but make sure to keep the rest of your look fresh (floral shirts, lace and easy pieces) and please refrain from making your jeans look unintentional. A few rips here and there is fine but giant holes all over the jeans is NOT a cute look. Trust me. I'm thinking or styling last season's distressed jeans with lace tights underneath.

Brights & Jewel Tones: Bright red, blue, teal, and purple jeans can look so classy when styled the right way. I wear my electric blue skinnies with a classy white button-up and chic boots. You can also try color blocking. Magenta skinny jeans with a detailed teal top would be ultra glam.

Pastels: Keep 'em feminine or rock 'em out. These girlie jeans would look super cute with lace and floral print tops or you can style them with rocker pieces like graphic t-shirts, leather jackets, and combat boots. Either way these jeans are one of my favorite styles. Have I mentioned I'm a bit obsessed with pastels?!

The denim trends don't just stop at unique jeans. Denim shirts, skirts, and bustiers are also something to look into this season.

Don't let all these fabulous trends distract you from picking up a few classics. A great pair of regular 'ol blue jeans is always a must. Black and grey jeans are also good to have in your wardrobe too. They are versatile and always in style.
Happy denim shopping!

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