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Back to School Essentials: Jeans for You & Your Body

One of the most difficult things to shop for is jeans. We've all spent a good amount of time in the fitting room trying to find the perfect pair. To help decrease the denim stress I created this all in one jeans guide. Here you'll find tips on finding the right style for your body, what wash is best for you, what pockets can do for your bum, and how to make jean shopping less of a challenge. I hope you enjoy.

When shopping for jeans it can be helpful to know what body type you have.
Here's a quick & simple run-down of body types:

Apple - Larger bust than hips, rounded stomach, waist measures more than hips/shoulders.
Pear - Smaller bust and larger hips, thighs, or bum, shoulders smaller than hips.
Hourglass - Larger bust and hips and a slim waist.
Boyish- Small bust & broad shoulders, sometimes lanky or muscular.

Everyone's body is different and that's OK! If you don't completely fit into one of these categories you may be a combination of two or more. I just chose the most common shapes to define.

Now that you know your body type find your perfect fit.
Refuge Knock Out Skinny Boot - Short, Charlotte Russe 

Become wider at the knees and continue to get gradually wider down to the ankle.

Bootcut jeans are the most universally flattering type of jeans. They are especially good for girls who have a boyish, hourglass, or pear figure. Boyish figures will benefit from a bootcut pair of jeans because they will help give the illusion of a curvier body. Hourglass and pear bodies look good in a pair of jeans with a slight flare at the bottom because it balances out curves that are all ready there and evens out the body. Because bootcut jeans are universally flattering, if you're not sure what cut is right for you they're a good place to start.

Baggy, usually cropped and distressed jeans.

Boyfriend jeans can be flattering when done right. Paired with a fitted top they'll look super cute and casual. If you're not sure whether or not they'll work for your body try on a few pairs and see what you think.

Vintage inspired jeans with a tall waist. 

High waisted shorts were a huge trend this summer and I think high waisted jeans will be popular for fall. Don't be afraid of these bad boys. Their high waist works sort of like a belt when you tuck in a top. It will highlight your waist (your smallest part) and make you look more slender. They can be super flattering when you choose a leg that's right for you whether it's skinny, bootcut, or straight. 

Classic Skinnies, Forever21

Snug through thighs, legs, and ankles.

Skinny jeans are always a popular jean choice. They are good for petite girls because baggier cuts can be overwhelming on a small frame. Skinny jeans are good for enhancing curves but not so good for concealing them. If you're looking to enhance curves look for a pair of skinny jeans with stretch to really highlight your body. Skinny jeans are awesome but not great for every body type. If you have wide/hips/thighs/or butt that you're looking to minimize they might not be the best option. 

High-Rise Jegging, American Eagle

The legging of jeans

Jeggings are pretty much the leggings of jeans. They're like a super skinny, skinny jean. Just like with skinny jeans they'll highlight curves. Jeggings look particularly good with longer tops because these jeans are so similar to a legging.

Perfect Pockets: You'd be surprised what pockets can do for your body. 

For the most flattering look find jeans with pockets that are centered and medium sized.
Side Note: Fading under the bum = more curves

You found the perfect style of jeans, now find the right wash.

White- Crisp and clean but sometimes tricky to wear. If you're planning on picking up a pair of white jeans for school make sure that the fit is correct for your body type otherwise they could be unflattering.
Light Wash- Super casual and laid back. Same as the white jeans for light wash jeans to flatter your shape they have to be the perfect style for you. For my petite girls light wash will make your legs appear longer.
Medium Wash - You can't go wrong with a pair of classic blue jeans. They look good on everyone and come in a bunch of different styles so you can find the one that's right for your body. Medium wash is easy to style and dress up or down. 
Dark Wash - Super slimming. If you have curvy hips, thighs or bum dark wash jeans are perfect for slimming you down. They are the most universally flattering. For tall girls dark wash jeans will make your legs look like they go on forever. 
Navy - Super dark jeans are great for night time and are on the dressier side. They look good on pretty much everyone. Just like dark jeans they are very flattering for curvier bodies. 

From Right to Left: White Jeans, Hollister. Light, Medium, Dark, & Navy Jeans, Abercrombie. 

Shopping for jeans can be a very stressful process so here are some quick tips to make it easier:

- Don't pay attention to the size on the tag. All brands are different. You may be a different size in every brand you try on and that's normal.

- Don't be afraid to get a pair of jeans that is one or more sizes than what you usually wear. The only person that will know this is you. The only thing that matters is that the jeans fit and flatter you. If you get a size down just to get a size down chances are your body will look bigger stuffed into a pair of jeans that are too small.

-If you try on a pair of jeans with stretch that are a tad bit snug it's OK. They'll most likely loosen up over time. If they're extremely tight originally they're not going to stretch out an entire size.

A great pair of jeans are essential to anyone's wardrobe. Finding them can be a tricky process but when you do it will feel so rewarding. If you really like a style pick up a couple pairs so you never run the risk of not being able to find them again. It's OK to splurge a little on a pair of good quality jeans. They'll last longer so in the end they will be worth the money.

Good luck shopping for your perfect jeans!
What is your favorite type of jeans? Leave a comment and let me know! 

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