Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gift Guide: What to Buy the Boys

Boys are difficult to shop for. There I said it. I am a self-proclaimed amazing gifter buy truthfully shopping for guys can be extremely difficult and usually always is. If you shop for the same guys each year their presents can get a bit predictable and who wants a predictable gift? Not this girl. So here I've tried my very best to think about any type of boy, man, or guy you could be shopping for this holiday season and put together a nice versatile collection that any guy would want. At least I would want if  I were a boy.
1.) The Fashionable Fellow- A nice well-made leather jacket. This one shown in the picture is from H&M and for a real leather jacket with a lining I think $249 is a great deal especially if you're shopping for someone special that also has some serious style.

2.) The best guy friend -  The holidays are a great time of year to show your guy friend how much you appreciate your friendship. What better way to do that than with an awesome fashionable but still masculine hoodie? The one pictured above comes in a range of colors to fit any personality or style. I like it best in gray or maroon.

3.) The secret Santa / gift swap guy - Everyone knows that feeling when you get someone for Secret Santa that you know nothing about. If it's a guy it can be even more difficult. An awesome (and inexpensive) gift that is perfect for this situation is a fun pair of sunglasses. The ones featured in this post are by H&M and are only $9.95.

4.) Any guy - A nice leather belt is perfect for any guy that you need to shop for and is a perfectly versatile gift. A simple classic one will never go out of style and can be worn again and again.

5.) The boyfriend - Boyfriends can be tough to shop for especially if you've only been together for a small amount of time. A great gift that won't break the bank but that still looks really nice and thoughtful is a bottle of his favorite cologne. This gift set pictured above is by Giorgio Armani and it smells amazing if you ask me.

6.) The brother - DVDs are great gifts for anyone but they're perfect for a brother. Who knows maybe you can book some sibling bonding time to watch the movie too. Grown Ups is a favorite of mine and is available at Target.

7.) The father - Fathers are all different and have all sorts of hobbies and interests. If you're not sure what to get your daddy this year invest in buying him a really nice watch that you'll know he'll wear. This may seem like such a simple gift but if your dad's anything like mine this present will be greatly appreciated and used. The watch shown is from Target and is reasonably priced at $34.99.

8.) The music buff - Buying that music loving guy in your life's favorite band's new CD for them as a gift  probably just won't do. You know that they've surfed through iTunes for hours on end downloading every single, EP, and live album that they've ever released. Instead buy him that awesome pair of headphones that he's been talking about nonstop might be the way to go. With this gift you might just earn the title of person around. This gift is perfect for someone special because super cool headphones usually come at a slightly high cost. You can get the headphones featured at Target for $199.99.

9.) That guy who is completely and entirely impossible to shop for - You know that guy I'm talking about. The one who is too cool for video games, only likes indie music that you've never heard of, and dresses so uniquely that his clothes are only bought at thrift stores. When in doubt, buy him a really cool phone case and an iTunes giftcard. You can get cases in all sorts of colors and designs and they're also very practical too the one pictured is from Target.

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